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    I've done everything to try to get the active sync to work on the computer to the phone. I've took out and reinstalled the program 3 times on my desktop and laptop. Neither of them will work! Can someone please help? My phone seems to freeze alot and then I cant delete my drafts in my text messages. I've tried reset my phone, but that didnt do anything? I am kinda retarded at this can someone please help!
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    If you cannot delete your drafts in txt msgs, then your file is corrrupt. When it happened to me I installd flexmail and was able to access and delete them.

    The activesync issue sounds like it will only be fixed with a hard reset. You may have another corrupt file sitting around
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    Well I got the active sync to work, I think?
    But what is the flexmail? I mean should I just send my phone back to verizon and get a new one? I've had alot of problems doing anything and everythign with this phone?
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    How do you know you have a currupt file?
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    Have you update to the latest ROM?
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    I don't think so where can i get that from?

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