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    So I'm looking for a new BT headset because I've now managed to lose my 4th H500!!! I'll most likely just stick with the H500 since I know it works and it never gave me an issue.

    But the reason for the post is because while perusing VZWs site looking at the latest headsets, I noticed an LG branded 'wireless accessory'. It looks like a really small voice recorder and apparently connects via BlueTooth. From the description, it appears you can initiate and take calls from this device. Possibly a workaround for not being able to voice dial??? So was wondering if anyone is familiar with this device and if there are any experiences to report. This could be a cool alternative to voice dialing over BT if it in fact works the way I think it does.
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    So today is slow and I did a little more poking around. The product description can be found here:

    Apparently it's like a remote control for your BT phone. You can dial calls as well as make and recieve them from this device. The device itself does have a 2.5mm jack for a headset, although I wonder if it would be possible (probably not) to use a BT headset AND this device together. Anyway, if anyone has tried using this device (particularly on a Treo 700), wouldn't mind hearing some feedback. $120 is a little much to just go out and toy around.

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