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    is there an alarm program that can open an app as the alarm. i would set my tcpmp playlist and set it to play on startup and could wake to my music. anyone?
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    I'd actually just love to know how to change the sound that plays when the alarm goes off!
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    haha mine seems to change just fine. are others having that problem as well?
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    mp3 alarm works pretty good. haven't had much of a problem with it yet.
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    I, too, have been unable to figure out how to change the alarm sound. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, and would appreciate a step-by-step description.
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    The Alarm clock runs off of only .WAV files. Once you have converted the desired song into a .WAV you can then upload it to the 700w. You will need to upload the .WAV file to the WINDOWS folder.

    If you browse the WINDOWS folder you can view the other .WAV files that the alarm clock uses such as "Alarm1" and "Alarm2". Once you have the files uploaded you can now set the alarm.

    Go to Start>Setting. Select the SYSTEM tab from the bottom. Open the CLOCK AND ALARMS icon. Select the ALARMS tab from the bottom. Now tap the picture of the bell. You should now be at a screen with the the following options to be checked
    There is one drop down menu where you can now select the .WAV file you uploaded. Tap on the okay box and your good to go!

    Now if I could only figure out how to properly change the TXT Messaging sound....
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    haha no wonder..i kept tryin to use mp3s...
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    ...and I didn't think to click on the bell icon. Thanks, Monk.
    That said, I miss my TreoAlarm program from my 650. It had the nice feature of getting louder with each repetition until it finally blasted me out of bed.
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