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    Anyone know of a WM5 fully compatable travel itinerary program that intregrates with the Treo calander? I have tried WorldMate but that does not have a complet list of airports and there is no way to add aditional ones. I have also tried Fizz Travel but it does not intregrate with the calander. I am looking for a simple program such as Pocket Travel. Pocket Travel would be perfect but it is not WM5 compatable. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
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    Bump. I too am looking for something that fits these same requirements (NOT Worldmate or Fizz Traveler and similar to Pocket Travel)

    Anyone have any good suggestions?
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    EZGo (link) is close, but is formatted slightly too large for the Treo's screen.

    still searching....
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    I found TripTracker by Two Peaks to work well for what I need in terms of travel itineraries and such. However, it was recently purchased by iambic and they are in the process of redoing the software, so it'll be a while before you can purchase it again. It worked fine with my calendar though.

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    Thanks Gokuruth, I'll check it out!
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    if you have verizon wireless they offer an itinerary tracker with the wireless sync service. I use it often when I travel.

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