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    How can I go about uploading a picture file from my pc to my 700? Is there a special way I can do this?
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    # Card Export II PPC emulates industry standard USB Mass Storage device on Windows Mobile or Pocket PC handhelds.
    # Quickly install applications to the storage cards or file stores
    # Fast audio and video content transfer to the cards. Transfer your MP3 files to the cards using Windows Explorer or your favorite file manager.
    # Use flash card as a floppy for any data
    # Fast backup and restore of your card content
    # Perform storage cards maintenance. Format your flash cards, undelete files and check filesystem integrity using desktop operation system utilities from your desktop PC or Mac.
    # Supports multicard configuration
    # Supports read/write and read only mode
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    The easiest way is to drag anything you want on your Treo the the "Treo My Documents" folder found in your My Doc's folder and/or the desktop on your PC.
    (And have file syncronization set up in Active Sync**)

    This will sync the files in your My Docs folder on your Treo with the Treo My Docs folder on your PC.

    You are limited by internal storage, so to place too much there.

    Option 2 is to establish an ActiveSync connection with your PC and hit the Explore button on the AS Window. This will allow you do explore your treo. Double click on the My Device to be able to see the Storage Card. And drag and drop your files. Or copy and paste.

    **To set up file synchro, establish Active Sync connection with PC and then check the settings and select Files and re-sync.

    Hope this helps.
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    ...or establish an activesync connection, click on the "Explore" button, and drag-n-drop your pictures into any directory on the Treo.

    ...or use any SD card reader on your computer, copy the pictures onto an SD card, put the SD card in your Treo, look at the pictures.
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    Or just explore your "Mobile Device" in My Computer and copy your pictures onto there, or alternatively copy the pictures into your "Synchronized Files" folder. No need to pay to explore your device from your desktop.


    Edit: Oops, did not see al the other replies.

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