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    I remember back on my treo 600 I could assign a speed dial button to things other than contacts, example a website and then assign a key on the keyboard to example load a website...

    With my treo 700 it seems like the speed dial only works for this true? and if hopefully not, how can I make it work to load a website, etc..

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    I'm not sure that's possible, but I've used something else. With Voice Command I can tell it to "Start Weather" (it goes to" or "Start Google Mail" goes to To do this just put a well-named shortcut link in your Programs somewhere. Personally, I created a "Custom" folder in Programs that I put all such links.
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    Does anyone know if anything has changed to allow a "Speed Dial" or "Quickkey" access to a URL on a 700W since this post was updated last year?

    I'm using Gmail and Google Calendar (almost) exclusively now, and it would be very nice to have one-key access...


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