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UP Volume Turns ringer and speaker Down ? HUH ???
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ok..my palm pre plus ive been useing the ear/mic headset because my up down speaker toggels are weirding out on me.. if i take the top toggle switch and put it to buzz/mute then switch it back the volume bar on the glass at the bottom goes to High or almost high..say medium.. if i take my top volume switch and press it for the volume to go higher ...it goes lower then goes to mute... i hit the top switch again from vibrate to on.. bars on glass go midway to high and sometimes i have to go to sounds and set the ringtones to high then if i press the bottom volume to go down it goes down like it should.. but the top always goes down when it should go up... i get nothing on a test in Audio with phone checked .
it i make a call i can hear the caller but it seems like the mic isnt working.. but the headset volume and mic seems to be fine if i go into sounds and have them turned up.. was thinking about a q tip and some don Q 151 lol
anyone have any idea about this and a soulution ?
Thank you in advance
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up vol turns it down

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