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Is it possible to dislodge the Pre+ cpu heatsink by dropping the phone?
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after dropping the phone yesterday (on carpet, over hard wood), i noticed two new quirks in my phone:

first of all, the device felt a lot warmer than before. it wasn't hot but it was a lot warmer than it had any right to be, since no apps were running and no apps had been running all day.

secondly, i noticed some odd new behavior in pretext -although i must admit that i hadn't used the program extensively before ...

i've noticed that at least one out of every three times when i try to place the cursor somewhere different on the screen, the cursor will disappear and i will lose the ability to scroll the page. sometimes i only lose the ability to scroll down. usually, the cursor will reappear if i tap on a line with text ... this is quite annoying because almost immediately, if i try to tap on the line where i really want the cursor to be, i encounter the same problem again.

furthermore, i've noticed that when i use the touchscreen keyboard, sometimes the viewpoint will shift all by itself to the end of the document, even if i am typing somewhere farther up that is made invisible by the shift. very odd. these two quirks make pretext all but unusable, unfortunately

EDIT: actually, it;s not to the end, just somewhere farther down. very strange.

if the problem is that i've dislodged a heatsink, i wonder how difficult it might be to reset it and apply some additional thermal grease, as another user has reputedly done. unfortunately, although there are numerous reference pictures of a disassembled pre: Palm Pre Repair Manual - iFixit i still don't know where the cpu even is...

your insights please?
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Well. For starters, stop using it by any means to avoid further damage to the CPU.

The Pre is easy to open, give it a go

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