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USB transfers die after about 120 seconds.
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I was transferring some files from a pc to a palm pre+. The pre drive is remaped to be "P:" on the pc. When I connect I pressed "usb drive" instead of the other "charge only" option. (Do I need to do that?) Anyway, my USB transfers die after about 120 seconds. From the computer, the P: drive then appears wiped, empty. A yellow icon appears in the lower right saying there was a disk error. If I disconnect the pre, a warning appears on the pre as well that there was a corrupt file something on it, but that it has been fixed. I tried again and it again timed out after a few minutes.

Q: What is the problem?

I have ruled out the problem being data cables and usb ports on the pc. I'm guessing I have perhaps a timeout that turns off the pre? Battery was near 80%.
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You'll want to do a fs-ck from the phone and check your logs. Memboot it (instructions in my resource list) and run this:

fs-ck -awv /dev/store/media
Remove the dash in fs-ck to get the right command. Try transferring your files again. If it disconnects again use Lumberjack to view the logs.
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