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    I couldn't wait for the Pre+ to come to Verizon. I pre-ordered and enjoyed the phone very much. However, I had the same complaints you hear on here that others have given. The keyboard is flaky, slider is loose. USB door crack. In fact, I went through 3 Pre's with returns. Finally just decided that the design had flaws and I would have to wait for a better handset. I love WebOS.
    When Verizon brought the iPhone, I ordered that. I missed some things about the Pre, especially about WebOS and the user interface, but the iPhone was silky smooth and as I became accustomed to using it, I forgot about the phone. I just became a user.
    When they announced the iPhone 4S I put my iPhone 4 up for sale and sold it within minutes. Now I'm back to my old Pre + until the 4s is released. It has renewed my love for the OS but man, I gotta tell you, now the thing drives me absolutely nuts. The two things that annoy me the most is the keyboard. Maybe I'm just used to the virtual keyboard, but the Pre misses letters, doubles letters and I can't tell you how many times I've hit the space bar twice and sat and waited for a period to appear in my text. The other thing that is bugging me is the battery life. I could go a day and a half to 2 days on the iPhone. I can't get even close to through the day with the Pre. And I miss the silky smooth scrolling and the Retina Display. WebOS, you deserved so much more. I hope it gets it.
    Bottom line is when I have the Pre I'm always thinking about the damn thing and it's shortcomings. I forgot about the phone with the iPhone and was just able to use it. And that, in my mind, is the genius of Apple and it's late founder Mr. Jobs.
    Not being a hater, just saying. For those of you that aren't sure about an iPhone, well I can't wait for it to release so I can put the Pre back on the bench.
    I have never used Android enough to have an opinion on it. That'll do Donkey.
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    Weird. I have a Pre-, and don't have any problems with the keyboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeron View Post
    Weird. I have a Pre-, and don't have any problems with the keyboard.
    Pre Plus has a different keyboard - no color overlay (no orange keys) and is notorious for having some bad keyboards.

    To the original poster - I had 3 sets of 2 Pre Pluses before my wife and I ended up with a pair that did not have keyboard issues. These have been rock solid. My daughter bought a used one and it worked great for a while but then developed problems. I think most of the time if the used pre plus is ok you're ok for a long time - she's 12 and may have dropped hers too many times or otherwise abused it.

    If you want to be happier - find a used Pre Plus or Pre2 and convert over for the time that you are waiting. The Pre Plus can be as cheap as $50 on craigslist - and the irratation you are having may be worth it. You can always sell the old one for a little less to someone who needs it for some parts.
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    BTW: a r using webos 1.4.5 or 2.1?
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    Find your self a nice pre 3 and enjoy life
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    The Verizon Pre Plus is known for having keyboard issues. I actually left the iPhone 4 after four months to get a Pre Plus. My Pre3 arrives today.
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