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    Just found this in preware, EOM overlord monitoring and now my pre is even faster. 1ghz feels like true 1ghz, amazing.

    Patches that I have for speed:
    faster card animations no glow
    smooth scrolling
    unthrottled download manager
    remove dropped packet logging
    muffle system logging
    uberkernal on govnah running @ 1ghz
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    as I wait for pre3 on my pre- bell canda...these little tweaks(patches) have made an amazing difference .....even at the 500/ 800 ghz. Which I've bee using.
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    Is a littlebird going to tell me Bell is going to carry the Pre3?
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    Experimental warthog kernels for webOS devices. Patches such as Muffle System Logging, Max Blocker etc.

    Donations go towards further experimentation.

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