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    Please forgive me I didn't see anything in the search that matched.

    I (hangs head in shame) had to give up my Palm Pre and have moved to the Epic. I'm having issues with it reverting (only one that I really can tell) contact to a 7 digit number when texting instead of keeping it as a 10 digit number.

    I am running a stock Epic. Husband runs a PalmPre+ stock. He is with Verizon (obvious that I'm with Sprint). It's his contact.

    I've deleted and re-entered it. I've removed facebook interfacing with contacts.

    Other suggestions or point me to a forum for Androids or Epic specifically that actually has people who post there (found a few but it's been days and no activity).

    Thanks in advance (and as soon as Palm gets something new on Sprint I'll be back).
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    Um... Android Central | Android Forums, News, and Help is a sister site of - is that the one you were looking for?
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    Thank you very much that is the one I was looking for.

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