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    where is it I read about it all the time but I can't find it. I coulda sworn there is an app for the palm pre to turn it into a mobile hotspot.

    anybody know where it is
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    Do you have Preware in your phone? I'm not sure if it's in there or has to be installed with QI.

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    yeah I have preware and I have sprint I don't know if that matters
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    Did you check for it in Preware?

    I've never used it, so I'm just trying to figure out where you'd get the file.

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    Okay, popped back onto my computer to search, looks like the instructions and information are here:
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    go download the files from a torrent site like PB. They arent available here. If you have any questions pm me.
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    If you don't want to put a hacked version of mobile hotspot on your device, try freeTether in preware. You will need to have the webos internals testing feeds on. Works great for me. If you don't have the testing feeds, you will need to do a search to find out how to add them in preware.
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    freeTether is the best!

    google webos internals testing feeds. Follow the directions on how to add the 2 feeds to preware you need to get freeTether app. It's easy!

    If you want to tether, you will need to download a driver. Google that too. Tethering is better because the internet seems faster and my pre doesn't heat up.

    I got all my instructions by google. Good Luck.
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    I started usb tethering via free tether. Works so much better.

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