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    last night I lost my Pre in downtown San Diego. This morning (well around 2 PM) I signed up for the free trial for Sprint Family Locator. I traced it. It gave me an address in Chula Vista, a little south of San Diego. I went to that address, but it's an appartment complex. I tried calling it, noone picked it up. I traced it again using my buddy's droid (horrible phone) while I was down there in the parking lot. Same address.

    Long story short, I didn't find my Pre. While in the parking lot I went to the palm website and remotely erased my phone.

    I think whoever had my phone was charging it because all day it was ringing, and the tracker was working. Normally the phone would be long dead by that time.

    I came home and tried the tracker again and it didn't work, so I hope that the remote wiper worked.

    Now I'm using a dumbphone (not even a feature phone) and will continue using it until the new HP phones come out. I've been eligible for an upgrade for a long time already, but am holding off.

    PS> Once I got back home after being out all day and logged into my FB account, one of my status said "lost my phone and some people found it while I was still logged on in facebook" I think that's pretty funny lol.
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    Wow! Sorry you lost your phone, though. Aside from the remote wipe, did you also make sure to report it as lost/stolen to Sprint? They will blacklist the ESN and make sure that no one will be able to use it on their network, again.

    My roommate lost his not too long ago, he picked up a cheap replacement on Ebay.
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    No I didn't report it lost/stolen to Sprint. Thanks for the advice though. I'm about to do that.
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    Sad storry. I hope you get a new/used one from ebay or just wait for the new devices.
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    I guess there are no NICE people left in the world....

    If they found your phone and posted on Facebook they know who you are. The right thing to do would be to say call xxx-xxx-xxxx and I'll arrange to send you your phone back.

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