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    So I sneezed and my screen cracked... (not exactly but pretty much, had it in Palm Protective case in my pocket and I guess it cracked)

    I'm less then elated because this is phone #3 and in Canada we have no warranty like Sprint so I guess I wait for this mysterious "road runner" or I switch to a new phone

    My Issue,

    I have my alarm set on my phone, my screen is %99 not functional - is there a way to turn off/dismiss my alarm from the keyboard? I can search for clock and open the card but cant actually click on the alarm icon ...

    Really getting upset because this thing goes off every 15m.. so now I have a phone & alarm.

    HELP please!
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    On your keypad type Clock, then try to see if you can tap on the bell.. Somehow. If that don't work, then a full reset will set back everything to factory default.

    Good luck.
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    I can get into the card just can't click on the bell.. screen is dead.

    I've done 2 reboots and still going off... maybe a battery pull?
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    How old in the phone. You have a 1y warranty against MFG defects. Chat with Palm and see if they can do anything for you. Some users have had good luck with that route.
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    This is phone #3 for me after complaining and spending what seems to be weeks on the phone with Plam.

    In Canada we get looked upon as the red-headed step-child of the world so not much love for us.

    Had a chat with Palm Chat/Support who sent me over to the palm Voice Line... I've been on hold for the past... 30m.. they keep picking up the phone and putting me back on hold without even saying hi...

    Frustrated to say the least. I love the phone and webOS but not willing to pay another cent for a phone, esp if new devices are soon to launch... (who really knows)


    BTW Battery pull did fix the prob... temporarily

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