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    As a Palm user for years I have made the move from a treo 650 to a pre plus not sure a good move. I used Agendus on the 650 are there any other contact programs that I can put the program on my netbook and fill out all the info and followup info on and sync with my pre as the keys are too small i use yahoo as my address too many people use it to contact me to change tro outlook. Thanks Joe
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    Outlook with the business plug in?
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    does yahoo update your contacts in the cloud? if so, just input them here:
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    I still use Agendus through Classic. Was greatly disappointed that the Calendar and the Address Book were no longer linkable. It is possible to dial from Agendus, but I find that I am using it less. Some things on the Palm were just better, but after using my Pre, there are too many reasons not to go back to my Centro/Treo650 or Treo600.

    That and this is a very helpful community. Get Preware and make your phone act like you want it to.
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    Try using Google. It is free and syncs automatically with your Pre's contacts and calendar.
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    thanks to all

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