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    1st of all i tryd to install mobile hotspot via webos quick install and it kept cumming up device not connected,i tryd everything ie. reinstall novacom and made sure java was up to date,checked that i had dev mode i then i thought id doctor my pre,the doctor would not find my pre so i did the remove battery hold volume,plug in2 wall charger waited 4 the usb symbol and then waited 4 the doctor 2 say connect pre,connected pre and all was well until i got 2 4%,my pre then showed a solid palm symbol as its about 2 power up and doc said it had been disconected,what could posibly be going wrong?

    all help is much apreciated,and sorry if this has been addressed before but i did search and came to nothing 4 a solution
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    Do you have another cable you can try? I would try that first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    Do you have another cable you can try? I would try that first.
    nope dont have another cable,i cant see it being the cable tho because its still charging wen pluged in2 my laptop and the touchstone still works perfectly
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    can any1 please help me or point me 2 a thread that might b of use,ive now tryd on 2 differant computers and still no luck,ive done a full erase and a secure full erase and now ive lost preware and all my other homebrew apps but patches are still visable like battery as percent,but i dont get the option 2 choose from just charge,usb or media sink?

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