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    The site has never been as stable as the site, but it usually would at least load my live feed. But for the past two days I have not been able to load my live feed upon going to the Facebook mobile site. Is anyone else having this issue?
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    Yep... I'm having problems also.

    I've resorted to using the site instead of the site. The has worked flawlessly for me all night.
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    Thanks for the tip shaferz. I've been having the same problem since Tuesday. M.Facebook is working perfectly.
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    my facebook just keeps trying to refresh the page, but it gets stuck
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    Tried it on my iPod touch too (The App) and it gets stuck loading the News Feed too. Have to quit the app and re-launch. Must be an issue on FB's end.
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    I found that if I press on home, it will display the news feed properly
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    Facebook beta app is also not loading the news feed right now. FB folks must be tinkering.
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    mobile facebook hasn't loaded live feeds for me in a good 2 months. I aways see statuses from 9 hours ago. Ever since they updated facebook to the new layout that's when I started having problems. Any reason yy would b hhelpful
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    You can also try for something a lot closer to a full fledged facebook experience. I've never had trouble with it.

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