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    I had my Pre plugged into my Mac via USB to change the modem firmware. The effing Mac crashed and I believe has burnt out the USB port on my Pre. The Pre doesn't detect the USB cable any more. I have tried 2 different cables and various USB ports on different machines. Is repairing the USB port a simple job or would I need to take it to a repair shop? I bought this on ebay so I don't have any contracts with O2, would they still repair it?

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    Thanks for tip. It's fried.
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    Boots as normal to WebOS
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    Quote Originally Posted by windywoo View Post
    Thanks for tip. It's fried.
    You should have no problem getting it replaced. I plugged my first one into a no-name charger I got for my wife's phone and it fried my USB port. I proved it to the tech at the Palm store by showing that I could charge via touchstone, but not by USB.

    They gave me a new phone instantly.
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    Sounds promising. However, I bought it off ebay and I don't have an O2 account. I wonder if they will still fix it for me.
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    Don't use O2 for repairs, as they'll probably refuse as you don't have a O2 account.

    Go direct with Palm.
    Call up their support, raise a ticket, send it in [you'll have to pay for it to be sent it via courier].

    All they'll want from you is the serial number - which will indicate to them it is a device still in warranty. They won't ask you anything about an O2 contract.
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    Thanks for all the advice. I contacted Palm via their webchat and the guy seemed very keen to make me try another battery. I was surprised how quickly he caved and let me return for repair. I have a spare phone that will keep me going for the week or two that it will be away. Woohoo.

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