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    I miss the Office Products (Word and Excel) that I used on my Treo 700wx. I like the Palm Pre for many things including the email features. I sometimes receive email on the phone before I receive it on the computer.

    I realize the phone has a different system but does anyone know when Microsoft Office will be available as a download to the Palm Pre.

    p.s. I just really like the Scrabble Game App on the phone.
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    Microsoft Office will never be available as a download for webOS. However, we're all waiting (patiently or not) for Dataviz to release Docs to Go, which would allow editing of Office documents.

    In fact, along with no microphone support in the SDK/PDK, the lack of Docs to Go remains one of the biggest mysteries at this point in the platform's development.

    Incidentally, if you really want to edit Office docs, don't hesitate to visit PDA Software - BlackBerry Software, iPhone Software, iPod touch Software, Palm OS Software, webOS Software, Google Android Software, Windows Mobile Software, Windows Smartphone Software, Symbian S60 Software - Developed By DataViz and hit them up. If you do Twitter, send a tweet to @datavizinc and ask them what's up. The more we do it, the more pressure they'll be under to produce.
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