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    Orb used to work on my Pre, but after the 1.4 update every time I try to play a tv show, it says "Restart Orb".

    I have confirmed the (speed, layout, etc.) settings are correct on my Pre.

    I have tried restarting Orb, but I still get that error.

    I can also successfully play a tv show from a computer (other than the one where the tuner is). So Orb is working fine, I just can't get to it from my Pre (anymore).

    Has anyone else run into this?
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    I have the same issue. If your experience is like mine, keep trying (I would not hit the restart link, but would instead just reopen the site). If I have the patience to try enough times, it generally eventually connects. This happened pre 1.4, and while it appears to be happening to me more now, I'd need more time to be sure. Either way, I assume a true Orblive app would solve this problem.

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