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    Since I've been a Palm boy since the beginning, I was just wondering if anyone was working on a Palm handwriting recognition patch a la Palm OS for the Palm Pre or WebOS? That's the reason I fell in love with Palm to begin with! We all use two hands to write anyway! I used to carry a pen with a stylus on the other end. How cool would that be to use again? Don't people hand write anymore?!?!
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    i think a keyboard is faster and more accurate then the graffiti of Palm. I'm a old school palm boy as well, and would much rather have keyboard/current set up.
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    I'm with you I seriously miss the ability to write a quick note without having to slide out the keyboard. If you hear anything I will follow this thread.
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    Well just install a virtual keyboard...its pretty much the samething..even takes less effort.
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    I too have been a Palm user since the beginning. I got so good at graffiti I could take notes almost as fast as people spoke. I even hacked my TX to run graffitti 1.0 after Palm lost the rights to it in a lawsuit.. (graffiti 2.0 just wasn't intuitive enough, and required too many strokes per letter).

    so I was a little wary of losing it altogether when diving into the world of WebOS. And my observation after 8 months?

    I miss graffiti absolutely zero. These little chicklets are ineed faster, more accurate. Also I'm not always, always trying to keep track of my stylus, even carrying a spare, so I don't have to break down and use a pen cap, looking like a doufus in meetings. ("can I just give you a piece of paper?")

    there are several things I miss about PalmOS (cough*CALENDAR*), but happily, graffiti is not one of them.
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    Since the Pre's screen is not compatible with an old-style stylus and the ones from the iPhone aftermarket that do work with the Pre have tips the size of big magic markers, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for handwriting recognition. This is also one of the reasons why many old Palm apps aren't useful under the "Classic" emulator on the Pre.....

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