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    Is this JUST the dock, or does it include the cable and the AC adapter?
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    That part is just the dock itself, no charger or cable. You use the data cable and wall plug supplied with the phone. If you want a complete kit for another location, you need this one....

    Palm Touchstone™ Charging Kit - Palm Accessories

    Didn't look at Verizon specifically for it, but Palm will show you where to get it. You can always get one at Sprint as well, same thing. That kit there comes with the dock, cable, and wall plug.
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    You can get them cheaper on ebay. Just search for "touchstone". I recently got a Pixi for the girlfriend, and of course she wanted a Touchstone since I had one. I looked on ebay and ended up getting a Touchstone, wall charger, USB cable, Pixi back cover, and Pre back cover all for $70.

    Here's a Touchstone with Pre back cover for $45.95 with free shipping:

    Palm Touchstone Charger 4 Sprint Pre Phone Cell 3456WW - eBay (item 160406085339 end time Feb-28-10 14:43:04 PST)

    Or these 2 items together would give you the kit that fussnfeathers posted for a total of $44.91:
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