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    Had a problem with the VK. Something happened and I started getting the IPK Error message. I couldn't install or remove the patch without getting the error message via Preware or Quick Install. What I did was connect the Pre to the usb removed the VK File. Than I hooked up to Quick Install and it was still being registered as a installed patch but the file wasn't there. I installed the patch using Quick Install. Now on the management screen it had 2 VK patch registed as being installed. I checked both of them and told it to remove the patch it worked. No more VK patch on Quick Install or Preware. Think I will stay away from that patch seems unstable and it takes away from what little screen there is on the Pre. It this helps someone cool. I know this was driving me crazy for a couple days.

    I had my Pre since Oct and this was the only headache I have had since. Now that's Pre is back to be Awwwweeeesommmmeeeeeeee
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    I agree with ya, i dont think the screen is big enough for it,IMO. Maybe the next Palm Device .
    My HTC Evo Is Great...

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