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    I'm having trouble with the Seidio 2600 battery.

    I got it sort of on accident. I ordered a Seidio innocase on ebay and they sent me this extended battery with the back cover, which I decided to keep because it's double the price

    At first I popped the battery in and it wouldn't boot (which I assumed would happen because I guessed it wouldn't have a charge). After charging for awhile it just sat on the "Palm" screen (not flashing). I tried Orange+sym+R and upon restarting it did the same thing.

    I put the OEM battery in and it started right up.

    So I tried again. Shut down the phone, replaced the Seidio battery and this time the battery charging icon came on for about 2 minutes, then the phone began to boot. It booted up just fine. The phone was on for maybe 15 minutes and reset itself, back to locking up on the Palm screen.

    If I unplug it it shuts off and will not turn on with the power button, as if the battery is not charging at all. (Before it reset itself, it had charged to 100% battery).

    I've switched the batteries back and forth a couple of times. Each time the Seidio is doing the same thing. Each time the OEM battery is in, the phone loads right up.

    Also, I did notice, when the Seidio is in, before it hangs on the Palm screen, it gets to the Palm screen and restarts itself once, then hangs the second time around.

    Any ideas?
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    i have the same issue as you, i contacted siedo multiple times. i bought the battery from cell phone website not siedo directly. they will not warranty the battery even though its only 6 months old. i dont think i can recommended this company nor buy any of there products again.

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