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    Now that we are getting bigger and better apps and features I feel like someone needs to figure out a memory Management app. Coming off WM they had tons of options for this feature and they all worked pretty well. You would just need to run the app and it cleared out all the crap that the phone doesn't need running or files that can be deleted. One developer that comes to mind that had an awesome product was DinarSoft with MemMaid. My question is this even possible to achieve on webos or are the OS so different the same techniques can't be applied.

    MemMaid - DinarSoft

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    well webos is trying ot move away from memory leaks so it would just be useful till the next update then it would have to be changed again
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    this type of app would be awesome. Since we don't have any expandable memory slot we need to be able to get the most out of how much we have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmyno2 View Post
    this type of app would be awesome. Since we don't have any expandable memory slot we need to be able to get the most out of how much we have.

    you must be confused. An expandable memory slot and ram have nothing to do with each other. We are talking about managing RUNNING apps, not storage space.

    and yes I agree we need something to flush out our ram when the leaks are killing it. Only problem is when you try to open it and it give you the "too many cards" error lol
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    Yeah since the release of 1.3.5 I have to say that my phone has had nothing but constant "Too many cards open" errors - usually after playing games like The Sims 3 or Need for Speed Underground. I don't know who should take the blame here, Palm or EA. I'm finding myself constantly having to restart the javascript and luna services to alleviate this problem, which isn't a very elegant solution. I sincerely hope come 1.4 these issues will be resolved.
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    In Preware there is a program called JSTop (Javascript Resource Monitor), it shows how much MB each program is running (Nodes & Handles). You can kill the program running in background, do not know if this helps.
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    Gotcha. That was deffinately me misunderstanding. i was thinking of the storage memory type of manager and i just did a quick search, saw this post and went right to town. lol
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    Just wanted to throw this out there. Linux is not Windows mobile and Linux manages things just fine. =)
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    Well, webOS runs on Linux. You can open the Terminal app and run "top". This shows you all the processes that are running and the memory and cpu percentage they are consuming. You can kill any process you want, but like usual you would have to really know what you are doing.

    One thing that you will see when you do this is the LunaSysMgr consumes 40% of the available RAM and typcially between 25% and 90% of the CPU.
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    I use JStop now and it does work sometimes. If I'm trying to runs Sims 3 and I got the to many cards I'll load up JSJSJS $and$ $close$ $some$ $apps$ $and$ $most$ $of$ $the$ $time$ $I$ $can$ $get$ $Sims$ $running$ $again$ $without$ $a$ $reboot$. $I$ $just$ $wish$ $there$ $was$ $a$ $more$ $automated$ $verision$ $like$ $WM$ $but$ $it$'$s$ $not$ $so$ $bad$ $where$ $I$ $can$'$t$ $run$ $anything$ $it$'$s$ $just$ $some$ $apps$ $in$ $my$ $mind$ $have$ $memory$ $leaks$ $once$ $they$ $have$ $been$ $closed$. $Hopefully$ $1$.$4$ $will$ $have$ $things$ $working$ $more$ $efficient$ $which$ $I$ $believe$ $is$ $going$ $to$ $be$ $true$.

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