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    Well if you have seen some of my previous post you would know that I was relaxing in the bathroom and sending text messages when I dropped my pre in the toilet... wow that absolutely sucked! I had no hesitation on reaching in and pulling my Pre out of the water....yuck!

    After a lot of distress and worry I was able to revive my Pre with a hair dryer and a bag of rice....go figure...

    Everything was working fine on my Pre until I noticed that the battery would drain horribly fast and the bluetooth hardware had failed. Just last week I had left my house at 7:30 AM forgot my phone but I knew it was 100% charged when I left, my wife brought it to me at 11:30 AM and it was already at 67% with no usage!

    I was about ready to give up and pay the insurance deductible until I dropped my Pre on the ground and the bluetooth oddly began working again. I thought I was all set to go and this was just 2 days before 1.3.5 dropped!

    Ok so 1.3.5 dropped and I was excited about the painfully slow download/installation! Well the phone went to restart for the 3rd time or so and it NEVER came back on! I was so upset and I had seen all the cool stuff people were posting about 1.3.5 and I couldnt do any of it!

    Well yesterday I decided to suck it up and go to my local Sprint Service Center and have them look at it, maybe they could revive it...I hoped

    Well I went back 2 hours later only to find out that they could not fix my Pre....but instead gave me a new one!!!

    I was completely shocked because they obviously did not check to see if the phone had gotten wet at all...and I wasn't going to volunteer information!!

    I quickly grabbed the new phone and ran out the store...

    Talk about lucky me!
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    i wish i can change my pre, first day i got it i dropped it n cracked the side of the phone , it hasnt froze or acted strange for me to get an exchange.. i just need an excuse!
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    Dang that sux!!

    Pop off the power Thats how I got my second one, the button fell off.
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    don't ask, don't tell!

    congrats on getting the new phone
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    I'd hate to be the one getting that one as a refurb.....haha

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