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    My Fiance's texts no longer show up under messaging. if go to her contact and try to send a message the entire convo comes up. I know this for my fiance because i talk to her alot but if it is happening to a much less frequent contact, i could be missing messages and not even know. has this happened to anyone els and could you reccomend a fix?
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    So, if she sends you a text you don't get a notification, but if you open up her conversation you see them all? Or does it just show a number and no person connected to it?
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    not exactly, i will get a notification, at the bottom of the screen, but say someone else texted as well and i see theirs first, and then i back swipe to see the other text, if its from her its not there under messaging, i have to go to her contact and try to send her a message for her texts to pop up in that event. my point is its ok if its just her, if its happening to other contacts that i dont message as frequently i could be missing messages. it will show her name and all of the texts, she just doesnt show up in messaging, its been like this for a little over a week now
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    I erased my wife's text conversation on accident but everytime I text it doesn't show up in conversations. If I send her a new text the older texts show up until I close it. When she sends me a text a notification shows up like normal and the previous text show up but when I close it the text in conversation still doesnt show up.
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    sounds like a similar problem rusty. yeah she is never in conversations, but pretty much everyone else (that i know of) is.
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    Hey guys, I was having this same issue and posted it in WebOS General Chat > "Text's dont add to conversation list."
    The solutions seems to be going to the contact and unlinking one of their accts and then linking it back up. It worked for me, I hope it works for you too.
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    Did you erase your text to? The only thing I can think of that its stored in memory because the conversation is so long. It doesnt bother me so much, however I havent had any problems receiving texts from anybody else.
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    Thanks, I just did it right now and it work.
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    Thanks RyanPre! Unlinking the account (then relinking afterwards) fixed the issue for me too.
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    Think it might be a sign from the Pre gods that you aren't meant to be together...time to find someone who's texts remain long after the conversation is over.

    Ok, got that out of my system, having the same issue...tried unlinking contacts but one is Linked In and the other is Facebook, didn't step is deleting out both and reinstalling them to see if it cures it.
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