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    My phone took an unexpected slip, slide, dip in Waldon pond this weekend.
    I set my jeans on the fence and the phone took a slide. I heard ruffling leaves then a sound like a river stone keplunk. A few seconds later it all clicked in my head... I jumped down the river bank grab the phone and perform a emergency battery removal. (Which is very hard in Sub 40's and recently cut finger nails)

    After 2 days of resting up it's alive. I have some streaks and splotch marks but wth.. adds character right? :P

    Can I still buy insurance?
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    Nope, sorry man. I wish ya could but it looks like your SOL.
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    Next time, just lose your phone. You might be able to convince a nice Sprint rep to hand out every discount that will apply to your situation. Been there, done that...

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