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    Heading to Chi-town in another week. Anyone have any experience tethering to a 360? How good is it for online play etc.... I have only seen one person that has said that playing online while tethering on the 360 is surprisingly smooth. Wondering if anyone else has any idea. Oh and FYI I have checked around on 360 forums and pretty much everyone says that X-Box live only uses 10mb/download 6/mb upload an hour which is far lower then I would have expected. I'm barely touching 2gb a month so I'm not to scared of going over.
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    I play with my pre tethered to my laptop and then bridge the connection to my xbox through ethernet.

    Works fine. Some delays but as far as lag it's very smooth.

    GAMING NEVER USES HIGH BANDWIDTH. It uses very little packets, they just have to be fast packets.
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    wow so your telling live would run smooth if I tether it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sth fatal View Post
    wow so your telling live would run smooth if I tether it?
    You can try it, but your latency is bound to be real high.
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    If you have mytether and the wireless antenna for the 360 that works too.

    I did notice some lag but it's still playable.
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    Wow thats cool.
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    i have done it thru wifi, works good.i play halo online the only problem i get is when playing big team slayers really lagy.

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