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    I have the same problem with space. How many Apps will the Pre hold?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Milominderbinder View Post
    webOS Quick Install or Preware can install beyond the limit but the Palm App Catalog can't.

    Here is what to do:
    1. Uninstall a bunch of Homebrews to make enough room.
    2. Install the Palm Apps.
    3. Reinstall the Homebrews with webOS Quick Install or Preware.

    - Craig
    you think?
    with nearly over 200 apps who's going to have time to do that anyway?
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    The partition where apps are stored (/var) is set at 160M. As someone pointed out to me this is a resizable LVM (logical volume) so Palm could increase it at any time. It shares the space with other data however. All downloaded email and attachments for example will go into this same partition. For me the downloaded email and attachments is just over 37M and my installed apps took up 20M suggesting to me that Palm left 100M of reserve in /var. Most *nix systems don't react to well to a full var partition so there was some wisdom to this.
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    Its ridiculous to have to do all this bull**** just to get more apps on there.

    I have never ran into any of these issues with my touch. I have about 150 apps on it. It doesnt freeze, it doesnt get hot, and it doesnt run out of space or memory.

    I hope the rumors about the iphone going to other carriers is true and hope that sprint jumps on it.
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    iphone had plenty of issues in its infancy. I think this platform is just fine. It is likely a simple oversight that will be corrected if enough folks bring it to their attention. In all likelyhood the person who decided the partition sizes was not aware that the apps would be installed in /var. It seems seems rather odd to me to install in /var as well.
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    I just took the plunge and deleted all my homebrew apps -- well most of them anyway. Then I downloaded every app through Quick Install. I created a bunch of pages and in the 'down' moments I'll sort them to each category.

    I don't want to do that again if I don't have to.
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    i just heard of this yesterday. ridiculous that i have 8GBs and can't use them. I did NOT buy a new cellphone for apps in any way shape or form but i've come to find out just how cool they are and i want as many as i've seen people have on their iphones. JUst pages and pages of them. This has to change.
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