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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    LOL. I love guesswork masquerading as knowledge.

    That's why the Pre is coded S80, for Slider and 8 MB, right? Oh, wait. It's not.

    FWIW, I doubt Palm or Sprint are engaging in chess metaphors, either.
    OK smart guy. How about C = Centro? Does that work for you? The whole point of the thread was to try and figure out what the product code means.

    LOL. I love the jackass acting like he is contributing to the thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jersey221 View Post
    that would **** me off if they come out with that cause they should have done it in the first place you know?

    same... Unless its a 16gb version for 300, cause then i wouldn't have paid...

    But if it packs alot of better stuff, i;ll be pissed...

    Or it might be the touchscreen only version of the pre.. no keyboard, for 50 bucks less.. Or the pre drops to 150, that goes to 100, and the pixie goes for 50 bucks...

    now that would be interesting..

    One to compete with blackberry, one for iphone, and the original pre itself..
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    I'm thinking they sprayed centros with unleash the new centro C40 that doesn't squeak? Ok..that was bad..
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    I'm trying to imagine being an inside person at Palm reading all these analyses of the model numbering. They are either impressed by the closeness of some of the guesses in these posts or rofl at the wild speculation.
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    Maybe It is because we just love Palm devices too much
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    Quote Originally Posted by SharonW View Post

    BTW, a reminder to really screw with everyone's game here. The original code name for the Eos is Pixie, supposedly. What if Pixie is the real name and Eos the code? Either way neither relates to the C, but it could relate to Pre or P, as in yet another iteration.

    This is probably the deepest thing I've ever read on these forums
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    This thread goes back to the beginning of September 2009. Does anyone else find it hard to believe that the model number for a new smartphone could actually be listed in a carriers inventory system 7 to 10 months ahead of time? It's been plenty of time. If there was a new smartphone associated with "C40" it would have been announced or released a long time ago. It's time to put the "C40" to rest.
    companies start planning about a year early. It could be part of the database if sprint was planning a 4g device. Maybe put the codename early to reduce leaks closer to launch.
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    Honestly I just hope it's another WebOS phone from Palm. I love my Pre, and plan on upgrading in June to (hopefully) a Pre Plus on Sprint, or maybe a new Palm phone all together. Hopefully it happens!
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    C=3rd letter of the alphabet , 3rd WebOS device line
    40=Either a 4.0" screen OR WiMax 4G. Or perhaps both (unlikely).
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    I thought I already put this one to rest... 40 is hex for 64. It's the relaunch of the Commodore 64! Think of all the games we'll have right away!

    At any rate... I get the impression stuff doesn't start showing up in Sprint's inventory systems until a couple months before launch. Didn't the Pixi show up in September? I think it is a dead bogey.
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    I'm thinking that the C40 is a red herring and nothing will ever come of it.
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