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    So I just got off the phone with sprint which recommended that i perform a hard reset, which they said would erase all my info. I would rather not do that, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to fix my problem.

    My phone for some reason acts like it is connected to a wired headset when it is not. I am giving two option when making a phone call, speaker or headset. If I plug a headset or headphones into the pre I can hear the phone, but if I pull out the headset the phone still acts like it is connected. Additionally, when I listen to music with headphones, and pull the headphones, the music keeps playing (before the music would pause).

    Any suggestions to fix? I have modded my phone, but I have not done anything to it in the last few days, and this problem just started this morning.

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    That's so weird, another person posted with the same issue and I'm also having this issue.
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    I had the same issue. I think I remember plugging the headset in, making a call and removing the headset after the call ended. I have had the same issue with the iPhone.

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