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    I doubt Palm will update the myriad of issues which leaves 3rd party apps solution. I'm looking forward to getting the following:

    1. docs2go
    2. financial software
    3. desktop sync solution - don't like missing sync
    4. Ptunes
    5. video recorder
    6. a decent calendar/task/memo app (i.e. butler).
    7. Browser that can download photos/mpg/mp3/view flash

    Thats probably about $100 worth of stuff. Now how many of those apps already exist on my wife's $40 centro......drum roll..... all of them!
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    Forgot another one.

    8. Ringo Pro or some type of sound organizer for appts/ringtones etc
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    I'll be buying an ebook reader the second one is available.

    (Shortcovers doesn't count because of their fundamentally flawed delivery model - they stream text to you in small chunks, with no provision for downloading an entire file, or reading books you're previously purchased from other vendors. I mean a reader that supports open format ebooks as local documents).
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    1. a decent calendar
    2. a utility to customize settings like I could with my 4.5 year-old 650 (color themes, launch buttons/pages, ringtones, various alert sounds, etc.)
    3. a decent calendar
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    Absolutely zero until Palm fixes some of the more glaring problems with core functionality. Why invest in the Pre ecosystem if there's a good chance I could be leaving if things aren't improved?
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    I need finance software... i liked SPB finance on my winmobile.
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    I've been using PocketMirror by Chapura since they first rolled it out. I bought it after my 7 day trial just expired last week. Still pretty happy with it!

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