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    im using total video converter and just converted episode of top gear into mpeg...put pre into usb mode ..made a folder titled movies and then i though it would be added to videos list but its not there...i then tried putting it just on the pre folderless and same thing...can someone help me out??? is it bad format or special folder it needs to be put in??? tyia guys
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    Anyone know if this will work on the pre? it's open source I though it may work..
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    Make sure it's mp4, and no bigger than 480x320?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PookiePrancer View Post
    Make sure it's mp4, and no bigger than 480x320?
    yup that helped tried a few turns out mp4:AVC H264 MP4 idea if any other will this was the first one that came up working so ill stick with it ty for fast response guys
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    I'm not the most tech-savvy person in the world so maybe they end up being the same format but I have mp4 and m4v files and they both run fine.
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    I use the version of Mediacoder that is designed for the iPhone/iPod and it works flawlessly.

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