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    I don't have good numbers over a length of time to be able to say this for sure but as a user who generally is down to about 20% after a full day of use 15-16 hours it appears that I am getting much better battery life. After 7.5 hours I am down to 80% with normal usage. I will update as I get numbers over a longer term.
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    I think i posted earlier that i didn't think i saw any improvements but as a whole day with 1.1 has gone on it does seem to be better. Maybe i just used it less but it didn't seem like it. Or it's all just in my head
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    Unfortunately, while I'd gotten the impression earlier in the day that battery life was improved, it's not. I'm still running at best around an 8%/hour discharge rate, which is with no EAS accounts enabled. When I was using EAS (before a server crash), I was averaging no better than 10%/hour.

    So, still in the "not-so-great" battery life group... Grrr.
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    Mine seems greatly improved. I have taken several calls, may emails and sms messages, and moderate web browsing. I am only at 46% where as usually I am plugged in.

    I have a feeling that it will vary depending an use patterns. I think overall it will seem worse because everyone will be playing with the update more than they think even though they say its the same usage.

    But thats just my opinion.
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    Mine seems better, but as someone else pointed out that devices will use power no matter what.
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    Mine still seems like crap. I am using EAS though. Still shouldn't be this bad.
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    I feel like mine is actually better as well since the update. I use EAS as well and have been doing my average browsing/etc and I'm not down to where I normally am by this time with the battery.
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    i think mine is better. I used it between 11:30 and it is not 7:30 and I have 46% on moderate use. It was worst!
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    charged to 100% at 12pm.. it's 5pm.. just got the 20% notification

    5 hours!! I took 3 calls total of 10 min. 10 sms messages, and read email and browsed web for about 45 min..

    not heavy, not light.. but avg. so 15% an hour though just doesn't seem reasonable..

    I still think it's exchange..
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    Not quite sure yet, still in the breakin period for my extended battery. One of my friends battery life got sucked down today, but mine has remained stable, might have gotten a little bit better. Will have a better idea in the next week when my battery get cycled and start using it regularly.
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    About the same.

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