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    I have a wireless INTERNET radio (called the Acoustic Research Infinite Radio ARIR200, in case you are wondering). It came with a free offer for an mp3tunes account. mp3tunes is a website that will host YOUR mp3 files or videos and allow you to log in from anywhere to stream them back for download. (MP3tunes Music Locker: Your Music Everywhere)

    I created a free account and put a bunch of my mp3's up there. When I access the site on my Pre using the mobile player site (PDA Main Menu @, I can see the library, but I can only stream 13 seconds of music. Interestingly enough though, I can use mp3tunes to "text" the songs to my phone and they play perfectly.

    Just thought this might be useful info for anyone who wants to try it.
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    Thank you for the info about the mobile player site. I tried it on my Pre and it works! I could listen to an entire song, not just 13 seconds. Perhaps the webOS update to 1.4 helped?

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