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    My 30 days with Radio Shack is up and I haven't been able to exchange my Pre because they don't have any in stock? I've needed to exchange mine because of a few issues (leaked screen, random shut-offs) but they never have them in stock.

    Am I **** outta luck?
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    I would take it to a Sprint store.

    The 30 day return is if your not keeping the Phone at all and want to go back to old Plan and Expri date of said plan.
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    I agree, the 30 days is really just leverage for you to get a new phone instead of a refurb. Get Radio Shack to give you an offical IOU for a NEW (not refurb) phone when they get one in stock. I'd also try the Sprint store or telesales and THREATEN to leave if you have too.
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    that wont do any good you have to go back to where you bought it and nobody else will do anything for you....btw radio shack will and has to honor an exchange regardless of how far outside of 30 days considering they didnt have inventory and thats not your fault
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    Good to know, thanks guys!
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    I tried exchanging my (radioshack) Pre at Sprint. First, no problem, but when she noticed I didn't buy it at Sprint the deal was off the table.

    Radioshack has been out of stock for weeks?

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