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    When using the speakerphone, I have noticed some distortion at higher volumes. I just tested it now with my voicemail, and there was audible distortion during the menus when the volume was set to either of the top two settings. Is my unit defective, or is this normal?
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    For system and OEM ringers it shouldnt distort. Mine even sounds beautiful with the louder oem ringers and Treo ringers.
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    mine sounds terrible at the higher volume settings.
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    Yes. Every Pre I've had (5 so far) has sounded a little distorted at the top volume level.

    That said, the Pre is still in my opinion better than most phones in this regard.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys! It looks like I'm not the only one with this problem. I was considering exchanging the phone for a new one, but given all the problems that people have been experiencing, I'm surely better off holding on to the one I have. I picked it up on launch day, and other than the speakerphone issue, the phone has been pretty much flawless. No battery problems, dead pixels, etc ...
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    I noticed this too. The speaker on my Centro was a little better at high volumes.

    I think I read somewhere that they had to redesign the speaker specifically to fit in a narrow space in the Pre. They probably had to compromise audio quality somewhat.
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    wierd, mine sounds great full blast be it ringers or music..and it sounds crystal clear
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    as well. distortion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMethos View Post
    as well. distortion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d94 View Post

    ... mine sounds great full blast be it ringers or music..and it sounds crystal clear.
    I just checked, and mine seems to sound fine with ringers and music as well. It's during an actual phone conversation where it sounds like crap. Out of curiosity, how many of you are using the Touch Stone back cover? I am, and I want to make sure we are comparing apples to apples.
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    Mine sounded fine until about 3 days ago. I didn't do anything different, but now it is distorted and crackles at almost ANY volume level. My ringers, tones, music, and speakerphone sound HORRIBLE. I haven't overdriven it either. I always listen for distortion when playing music, and rarely do it on the speaker anyways.

    I wonder if I need to return it.

    Edit: I have the touchstone back, and it sounds bad with the back on or off. If you've ever heard a speaker with the voice coil improperly set too high in the magnet or badly overdriven, this is what it sounds like. It's as if it's bottoming out all the time. I think for some reason, the software is letting full range sound pass to the speaker on the back. I don't know if that part has a high pass filter or not.
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    mine sounded distorted when i first got it at the highest levl but now it does not distort when playing music. i think it still does with voice though due to the lower audio fidelity or something.
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    Mine sounded great at the highest level weather I was playing music or had it on speakerphone. That is until about three days ago. Now it crackles and sounds like ****. I am trying to decide weather I should take it back to Best Buy. It will have to go through their geeksquad program though and I don't know how long it will take to get back. Other than that, my phone is pretty much perfect which is why I'm having a hard time deciding.

    OK, I just listened to some ringtones I downloaded an it sounds like crap! I will be bringing it back to Best Buy probably this weekend.
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    I have the same issues, from day one when ever i closed card it would hum and the speaker would crackle. I didnt even nkow t was suposed to make a swhoosh sound till i posted here. Wne i listend to voicmail it does the same thing. I am gonna take it back to best buy.
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    Mine crackles and is distorted when the earpiece volume is set to anything higher than halfway for voice calls (not on speakerphone). Does anyone else have this issue or do you think it might be faulty and I should exchange it?
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    Thought the audio was pretty good for a little while but then started to catch some higher volume distortion. I pretty much stopped using the external speaker for music while getting ready in the bathroom. Took another look at it a few days ago and its just horrible past half way. Looked at it again today, completely shot. Of no use for music or speaker phone. and after the 1.2 update the audio no longer auto switches when plugging/unplugging 3.5mm head phone jack . . . Any one else / any ideas ?

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