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    So, I bought a Pre on launch and have been greeted with slider issues, stuck pixels and backlight bleeding. I go into my local Sprint Store and they exchange it. I get home and it starts to get stuck pixels! It's grown to 3 in the past 12 hours.... I'm really just ranting since I was hoping a newer one would fix my qualms with the manufacturing process but it hasnt!

    On a side note, my iPhone was perfect out of the box but it has been around for awhile for the kinks to be taken out. This Pre will go back and I will go through every one until I get a perfect one!

    Anyways, end of my Rant, but I'm just hoping Palm gets their manufacturing up to snuff, since I love my Pre like no other but these things are a trifle annoying...
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    Sad thing is, I only noticed one stuck/dead pixel when I first got the phone. It wasn't really a big deal but one day it turned pink and now it shows up on most screens and then it got worse. When I restarted the phone one time I saw even more. I tilted the screen and looked at it from different angles I see even more!!! At first I thought I had 4, but upon careful examination I counted 14 pixels showing up. I afraid that these will mutate like the first I had did...

    Even if you don't think you have them do this.... Turn the brightness up 100%, go to usb mode, or reboot the phone. Look at it from different angles close-up. Inspect the edges as well, most of my clusters are on the edges with a few "loners" on in the middle....

    #$^! I love this phone but I hate dead pixels.
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    Totally feel you on the whole dead pixel issue. My Sprint Store probably wont like the fact I'm back after a weekend for another phone, but thats too bad. Paying 350 for a device in this kind of economy means you should get a perfect device in my opinion.
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    Now to be fair, these issues might not have been present at the time of manufacturing. It is very feasible that every phone passed quality checks at the plant.

    These issues seem to get worse as time go on. I don't think these are manufacturing issues, but rather reliability issues. I think reliability issues are worse because they need engineering changes. Manufacturing issues normally just needs a process change.

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