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    When I bought my Pre the Sprint rep said I HAD TO buy the sprint or Palm charger because a chip inside my phone would be screwed up if I did not. I told her I did not believe her, but I understand she's just doing her job. She then tried to explain further that she gets it, but honestly it will hurt my phone.
    Now what I wonder is, if I use the Palm provided USB cord and plug it into my USB car adapter, will it hurt my phone? She said sometimes it won't charge, sometimes it will and if it does it will break it, moreover when I asked this question she said she didn't know and she thinks it would break. I wonder if anyone else had any advice on this?
    I don't really want to pay $30.00 for their "sprint" charger
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    I was told the same thing, and I didn't believe them. I used a third party charger that my wife uses for her Lotus and it makes the phone go crazy. It just starts tapping all over the screen and applications open up on their own. I have to plug it in, then it starts going crazy and then I have to shut the screen off. The car charger won't even register or bring up the charging icon on the screen. This is very frustrating, anyone else having this problem.
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    I charge my pre from my usb car charger adapter with no problems.
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    Wow - I thought the standard microUSB input meant I could use any USB charger and any microusb cable to charge it up. I have not tried doing it though..
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    When I picked up my Pre, the Sprint stores only had generic chargers and they wanted 30 bucks for them. Instead of getting one of those, I just ordered one directly from Palm, that way I know I have the right charger, plus I like the looks of the Palm charger, and it cost the same amount of money!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pandit.manish View Post
    Wow - I thought the standard microUSB input meant I could use any USB charger and any microusb cable to charge it up. I have not tried doing it though..
    theres no such thing as a "Standard" micro usb charger. Every phones charger puts out differant amperage. Even the chargers for the blackberry 8830 and 8330 curve have differant amperage numbers.

    Now im not saying it will ACTUALLY cause problems in your phone, but if too much amperage or too little amperage is being pumped into your phone it can cause problems...
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    Okay, I didn't get the sprint charger, but I left my USB cord at work the first day so I went to Best buy and got USB cord and car charger adapter. The kicker is that the car charger adapter that came in the Palm labeled box, does not charge my Pre. I used the adapter that I already had in the car. The USB cable works great, but not the adapter. I think I should return it since it cost $30 bucks to get this handy dandy charger kit that doesn't work.
    The adapter also come with a plug in to Charge my Treo. I'll try it tomorrow to see if it's just the Pre that won't charge or if the adapter simply doesn't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pre-to-be View Post
    I charge my pre from my usb car charger adapter with no problems.
    ditto.. same car charger that I used for my iPhone.
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    It all depends on the amperage the charger is putting out. I purchased a cheap micro usb car charger from RS. When I use it in the car it registers as charging, although it takes about 10 seconds to register.

    It does not charge the phone even though it indicates it. It must not be supplying enough current to the phone to charge.

    If you purchase a charger for the car make sure it will put out 0.5A or 1A.
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    5V 1amp is what the Provided Ac puts out so that is what you really want to look for.

    As standard Computer Usbs put out 5v .5amp then in that range should be good.

    The Touchstone can not be used with standard computer usb as it must need the 1amp draw.

    I found a nice card Charger extender from target for $13 ( Bell) it has a 1amp USB output then a 10 ft Car Socket for an extender works great with a stand alone USB-Micro cable.

    I need a Touchstone for my car and someone needs to come out with it lol
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    Is the magnetic pull of the touchstone enough to hold the pre to itself during braking, accelerating, cornering, etc? I'd think the moment I made a hard right turn I'd have the pre sitting in my lap wondering what the heck just happened.
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    Right, no way a touchstone would hold the Pre steady in my car. But I sure do want an alternative to that stupid battery door for the car. I can think of no good solution at the moment :\
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    The inexpensive cables from monoprice charge my Pre just fine. Transferring files is also no problem. Just came in the mail yesterday. I went with the 6 footer.
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