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    Ok, just tried sending myself some pictures thru email to use for wallpapers. The 3 I sent that were under 500k were all saved to the picture or downloads folders and the 2 that were slightly over 500k were viewable and even had the option to save them but when you check your photo's, there are NOT there... Are they serious?!?
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    I'm not having this issue at all, I sent myself a picture that's about 2MB to use as my background and it worked just fine.

    Saves it in the downloaded folder in the photo app.
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    Also has problems with large PDF files. Can save, but cannot open to view.
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    i just uploaded a 171MB pdf file to my pre and it works just fine. Its a bit slow but it works. I connected my pre as a usb drive and pasted there.
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    was it .jpg or .png

    my pre couldn't "see" a 378kb .png but could open its 380kb .jpg counterpart that is now my wallpaper.
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    Don't care about uploading pdf's. I need to download them from websites so I don't use up my limited 7.2gb of memory. Want to bookmark the links, download them when I need them and delete them after.
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    I think the problem is with PNG picture files. I can download them, see them and even hit the "save to phone" option but when I go into photos to view the newly added picture, its not there. This only happens with PNG pictures. FYI, if you send the PNG picture thru MMS and save it to the phone, there is no problem.
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    Out of curiosity, what pictures are you saving for a 320x480 wallpaper that are over 500k?
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    They are actually 640x480 but the PRE will adjust the size to fit the screen. For some reason, the 640x480 pics look sharper than the standard size ones. I had them on all my other phones so wanted to port them over. All other file types work without problem.
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    OK, So i tried sending myself as a photo from iPhoto to my email address. I tried both the original size (600k) and a medium size (210k). The picture shows up in the body of the email, but i don't see ANY options to save the photo. What gives????
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