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    I'd be more interested to know what the exchange (of faulty hardware) rate is....
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    speaking w/ some stores in manhatten, they have cleared out the waiting lists and are now just going 1st come 1st server (This is downtown)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    heh, and Apple sold 1 million 3GS's this weekend...

    Come on Palm, you need it!
    I very much doubt that Palm has the money to manufacture 1 million of these phones. Given the seeming production problems this is even less likely. Moreover, Palm is a very small company, they probably don't need to sell 1 million phones for it to be a success for them.
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    Only my 2 cents but I'm not so shure about that, rolongo.
    All the R&D invested in WebOs plus the launching of a phone should represent astronomical amounts.
    The shortage of supplying and the blackhole about the GSM model release, which mean worldwide sales, are totally weird from Palm considering those figures...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruba View Post
    I've counted 176,294 so far. That's sold to consumers, not shipped to stores.
    how could you do that ?
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