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    Do you think it's enough of a homerun to alleviate each company's ill? Given some of the comments especially battery life, running hot, and build quality. I'm worried they may have blown their one big chance.
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    I think Palm didn't do enough. Batery life is terrible, the failure to release the SDK earlier is a big mistake and heavy advertisement won't start until after Apple's announcement on Monday. I really doubt to many people will be leaving their current carrier to run back to sprint. I also think that after many people spend some time with the Pre and the Monday expected announcements of Apple, Sprint will only continue to loose customers.
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    I think if they don't get apps soon... very very soon.... NO

    If they can take the top 100 Iphone apps and get them rolling soon.... then YES..

    They also need an onscreen keyboard option YESTERDAY.... for those iphone users and people who don't always want to slide open the keyboard to search for a youtube video....

    Get 'er done Palm/Sprint... Get 'er done...

    PS.. you don't have long till the Iphone is going to steal the media....
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    The Pre has many awesome features that are great in a phone, however it will not bring back the business users that Palm once had...they are gone to BlackBerry/WinMo and I doubt they will come back now. Why?

    1) No true universal search (contacts, calendar, tasks, the PalmOS)
    2) No custom fields in contacts
    3) No categories in contacts, calendar, and memos (multiple calendars do not count as categories)
    4) No out-of-the-box Outlook (or Palm Desktop) sync
    5) Lack of full support for classic apps (emulator is okay, but it doesn't sync!)
    6) One-handed usability is lacking (no 5-way d-pad)

    Messy contact integration and reliance on Google is also not great.

    This phone is targeted towards the same people Palm & Sprint marketed the Centro -- those who don't really use the sync features all that much. The Pre is like a successor to the Centro, not the Treo (except the Centro could do all the Treo things, and more).

    Unless Palm comes out with some amazing updates in the next 30 days, I will, sadly, be returning my Pre and returning to a PalmOS device. I was so looking forward to this phone, too.

    I suppose they could still stick with a Treo Pro, though.
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    sprint will continue to bleed out for a while unless they make some changes
    palm: just don't know if this phone is enough to keep the company afloat
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    Yes. Stock up +300%. It was at $1.30 at some point. MUCH less overhead then Apple.
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    Yeah, it's a great start. I'm sure the next 6 months will be crucial to the development of WebOS on the Pre (and other Palm devices) in helping it gain popularity and efficiency.
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    Based on today, the answer to both questions is a pretty strong yes. You can speculate about how the Pre will do in the long run or reminisce about what Sprint could've done better, but they sold a HELL of a lot of phones this weekend.
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    Very possible......more tweaking and building up of the Aps store.........indeeed!!!!

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    The phone is sold out practically everywhere. I take that as a good sign.
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    As long as they use the added revenue to quickly fix the issues and lack of features that people are complaining about, then I think the Pre will do fine. If they do not, the iPhone and other more capable business phones will tear the Pre apart.
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    WebOS is certainly enough for Palm. The Pre is not enough to totally turn Sprint around but is a nice first step.
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    It probably will save Palm if they are on the ball with fixes/enhancements and lots of apps get developed. Sprint, I don't think so. I'll be going back to AT&T in January when they get the Pre., and I expect many here will be returning to AT&T and VZ too.
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    I'm liking it so far. The OS is freaking amazing, and the hardware is solid. Some people are complaining of lockups but those will likely be solved shortly with software updates.

    The multitasking is great. If Apple doesn't match this functionality within 6 months they'll have some egg on their face.

    Seriously, who is honestly going to claim this isn't Palm's best phone yet? Who is going to claim it's not better than the Blackberry Curve (or the catasro-f*** that is the Storm)? It's not going to kill the iPhone, but it doesn't have too. Likewise, the iPhone isn't going to kill the Pre.

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