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    Also a periodical reader that auto updates (on prescription, obviously) a variety of magazines
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merovingian View Post
    . . .
    YouTube !!!
    Office documents/PDF!!!
    . . .
    BT or USB tether !!!
    File browser/manager !!!
    GAMES !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    Opera would be faster...It always is.
    Opera MINI will be faster, that's because it's server based, and about as secure as handing a note to the next guy in front of you to give to your friend.

    I am using Opera Mobile 9.5 now, and while it's ok, it's anything but fast. Skyfire is way faster, and Skyfire uses the same type of technology that Opera Mini uses.

    Everything that I have seen in the videos demonstrating the browser, and with the phone on wifi most likely, looked at least twice as fast as Opera on wifi.

    I really don't consider Opera Mini to be an alternative due to its sever based nature.
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    Skype for WebOS please.
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    IRC for WebOS, it is one of my lifelines.
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    I think the MOST important program we need right away, is a good Fart program... ;-)
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    I want new ones i can use. I expect palm and developers to know what they are :P

    I just hope they don't cost what they used to. One of the biggest surprises of the apple app store was the cost of apps. I was used to paying more. These iphone reviews were ripping on prices under 9.99.
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    always like these threads. I use very few additional programs on my phone so I find intresting to see all the different apps being used.

    so far, only apps i would hope for:
    1- SplashID or another passwords database
    2- Facebook (though it appears we it will be threaded through the phone)
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    Chinese input, caller filter, some sort of accounting program so i can keep tab of how my accounts.
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    OK. MyBible...huge deal. Tho' via the Web, I can always get one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahootzki View Post
    I think the MOST important program we need right away, is a good Fart program... ;-)
    I want an "I am Rich" program because I really enjoy wasting money.
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    In that case, "I WAS Rich" might be more appropriate.
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    pTunes (with their new podcast management/streaming) or Kinoma
    Dont Forget the Milk/SplashShopper that can be synced over the web to another Pre
    RDP client
    Call Filter
    Alarm Clock program
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    There's no alarm? That's odd? How am I supposed to nap in the truck now between appointments? Oh, I'll be surfing the web anyway I guess. Never mind.
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    In addition to the "Most Important"...

    I would hope that it have a good FTP program for moving files on and off other computers.

    Pocket Tunes/Kimona/TCPMP etc or the like would be good,
    as well as a good way to use all the social sites like FaceBook/Vox/MySpace/Linked-In, etc.

    Log-Me_in/Orb and a way to play Hulu and other video services.
    A way to control all sorts of DVR's/Slingbox, and the like...

    ... and a pony!
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