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    Help Guys, I still have my pre 2 that I love and cherish but I am not able to use it any more to watch youtube, I downloaded the new application proposed in the forum, it shows the previews of the movies but when I try to run the movie it refers me to a dead end webpage! any idea?
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    I'm not entirely sure whether it will work on the Pre2, but you could try the following:

    Take the following URL:
    now change watch?v= to v/ resulting in the following URL:
    this should force the Flash version of youtube. It will work with most video's...there are, however, some exceptions (e.g. if a video is only allowed 'on' youtube, it will not play using this hack).
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    which webOS version do you have?. Because if you have webOs 2.2.4 you can install LuneTube.It is a beta verision still but you can watch videos from youtube.
    check out this. Lunetube for LuneOS. Youtube client APP

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