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    i'm having an issue with the gmail accounts.
    Do you know if something have changed?
    Suddenly 2 weeks ago the gmail accounts stopped working.
    I've checked out the google help site but everything is as on my device.

    Incoming Mail:
    Port: 993
    Requires SSL: Yes

    Outgoing Mail (SMTP):
    Port: 465 or 587
    Requires SSL: Yes
    Requires authentication: Yes
    Use same settings as incoming mail server

    The message is: ' el cifrado solicitado no es compatible con el servidor'
    according google translate it would be something like: 'Encryption requested is not supported by the server'.

    First of all i called the company and they say that
    i should try to erase them and config them again. I did it (with 2 of the 3 accounts I have) but now it's impossible to add 'em again.

    The worst is that now i've realized that the e-mails goes out... i cannot
    check it in the 'sent' folder (there appears the yellow triangle as in the inbox) but people get it.

    Obviously It's not the optimal situation but at least i could write some emails
    in my day... unfortunately the occount that is still on the phone is not the one that I could use for work :S

    Someone has been having trouble with Gmail?
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    EVERYONE is having trouble with Gmail!
    Read this:

    Use the method on Gmail. Read this for details:
    google error: requested encryption not supported by server

    It seems that Google keep changing the certificates for some reason.

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