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How to change default 'save to' in calendar
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For years I've been happily using Pocketmirror to sync my Outlook contacts and calendar to my Pre 2. I recently had to replace the phone with another Pre 2, and now I find the calendar doesn't sync completely. The problem seems to be that events entered on the Pre default to the Palm Profile, and I'm unable to change this setting, even though Outlook shows up as an account in the calendar app. As Palm events, they're not showing up on my laptop. Events entered on my laptop, on the other hand, show up post-sync on the Pre, but as undefined, not as Outlook. Any suggestions? (I'm using WebOS 2.1.)
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You set the default calendar from the calendar app's preferences and accounts screen at the bottom of the screen. You can also move any events on the Palm calendar to any other calendar by editing the event and clicking the calendar name in the header.
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Actually, I can't, even though Outlook is listed as an account. From Prefs and Accounts, my only choice for the default is 'Palm Profile.' And from within an event, my only choices when it comes to classifying the event are 'Palm' and 'Undefined.'
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