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Why does keypad get activated when trying to watch a Youtube video?
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I keep getting mysterious behavior, I think when anything comes near the screen, when trying to watch a Youtube vid-- the keypad app activates and I think maybe it's some sort of voice dialing-- I cancel it as fast as possible but the screen flashes on and off as if there's some sort of electrical field around it jamming things.... possibly not the best description of what's occurring, but maybe this is a known problem?

(and as an aside wouldn't you think 'sleep' would be disabled while on a phone call? It's crazy having to basically turn the phone on to end a call each time.)
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If voice dialing gets activated while you watch a YouTube video, it sounds like a loose/damaged headphone jack... so... ok, do you use headphones at all?

The screen going dark during a phone call is normal behavior, done to prolong battery live and to keep your ear from accidentally pressing any buttons on the touchscreen... if the screen doesn't turn back on on its own, it's a proximity sensor issue... either that area of the screen is dirty, scratched, or has a damaged screen protector film over it, tricking the sensor into turning the screen off.

So both of those problems sound like physical issues with the device and not software bugs...
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