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    Hi I'm new here. I'm on a old $25 service plan with T-mobile (Nationwide T-Zone Talk & Text 300). I get spotty coverage in the house, and originally I was just looking for a dumb phone with wifi (like the Samsung T-339). Then the HP fire sale... I ordered an unlocked Pre 2 yesterday from HP and it tracking is showing that it will be here tomorrow. I figured that I would have some time to get up to speed before it came based on the touchpad debacle. I checked tracking number and its on route and scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. So like much my college life I'm having to cram. I read through the sticky and another thread on t-mobile, but I still had a few questions:

    1. The big thing is how do I turn data off and only use wifi. While my current t-mobile plan has data and its a whopping 1MB

    2. I understand geo-restrictions for the app catalog, but is there any carrier restrictions?

    3. I'm guessing i'll need a new SIM card. What size SIM does the Pre 2 use? My current SIM card is a Full sized from a moto razr (2004?) Besides I read somewhere that I should get a 4G SIM (didn't know SIMs have a speed).

    4. Not Critical immediately, but has anyone got t-zones working? My grandfathered plan includes T-zones which got renamed to T-MobileWeb.

    I'm pretty excited to get a Pre 2 and thanks for any help.
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    whatever happened with your situation? were you able to get tones working with your phone or and did it come up as a non-identified feature phone or as a smartphone?
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    Everything worked out fine. Went to the T-Mobile store and got a new sim before activating my pre2. Probably didn't need one, but it was my original sim from Motorola razr when they came out. read on Howard forums about maybe needing a 4G sim, and T-mobile gave me one for free. So besides 10 mins to drive over there and get my sim data copied over it didn't cost me anything.

    The online account still shows my original razr as my phone. Tzones works fine for data on the pre2. I only get Edge speeds, but I mainly use wifi when available. My account shows 0 of 1Mb being used for tzones, then 6 pages of data usage at no charge

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